Of your about three areas of liability, which is the very antique and common?

Of your about three areas of liability, which is the very antique and common?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh new delegation to and you can supervision off circumstances from the third parties-regulators, profit-founded firms, and you may nonprofits-is named an effective. federalism. b. social markets contacts. c. bureaucratic responsibility. d. management from the proxy.

19. Governmental researcher John Gaus assented having Woodrow Wilson one to separating government regarding government will be done-by enacting rules that gave elected officials control to guide rules one directors do just carry out. an excellent. Genuine b. Not the case

20. Policymakers do not value a loose chain off order rather than way more head power over its subordinates. a. Correct b. Not the case

21. Owners and you will decided on officials request a lowered standard of ethics than you to expected regarding private market getting governmental appointed societal administrators. good. True b. Incorrect

22. Because additional bodies organizations enjoys ranged cultures it is sometimes complicated so you’re able to look after a simple set of professional norms one to regulate administrative behavior. a. Correct b. Incorrect

1. Every adopting the is kinds of various techniques you to identify personal groups from personal teams Except a good. tips from efficiency. b. societal analysis. C rules creation. d. marketing.

step 3. Probably the most basic difference in public and personal communities, over oversight and performance measurement try a great. public analysis. c. long-title teams. d. increased exposure of perfect for community.

cuatro. _________ stress collateral, efficiency, and you will controlling from the marketing. a great. Nonprofits b. Individual teams C Social communities d. Quick enterprises

5. Public government concerns An insurance policy development and you can rules execution. b. policy development, yet not rules delivery. c. coverage performance, however rules formation. d. none plan formation nor coverage delivery.

6. Among the many core activities regarding societal government is the inevitably fuzzy range anywhere between a great. public and private groups. b. federal rather than worldwide regulators. c. fuel and you may inefficiency. D government and you can government.

eight. The goal having administrative duty is to try to optimize ______ controls and eliminate _______ controls. a beneficial. discretionary; internal b. external; internal c. internal; discretionary D inner; additional

Woodrow Wilson’s look at ________ has created a long-term scholarly debate

8. Each of the following teaches you increased management step from inside the policy formation But an effective. the brand new official proficiency out of institution team. b. the https://datingranking.net/hiki-review/ elevated technicality away from personal plan. C. the brand new reduced character out-of legislative engagement. d. the development out-of master executive’s part because the plan schedule setter.

9. In place of the personal market, people field was guilty to each and every of adopting the Except An effective in the world communities. b. legislators. c. courts. d. individuals.

10. Each of the adopting the tends to make societal groups unlike private organizations Except a great. job provider. b. exposure. C results tips. d. public analysis.

eleven. an effective. organizational idea b. the difference between societal and private management c. policy performance and you can policy development D the new neutrality regarding societal administration

several. American citizens started to request way more away from regulators A since World war ii. b. as Globe War We. c. while the time of Woodrow Wilson. d. as the time of the Federalist Files.

B signal regarding laws

13. Regardless if opted for authorities approve, head and supply information toward policy, ______ entrusted so you can administrators is really what means this new purpose of your own regulations with the truth. an effective. supervision B plan performance c. nonprofit management d. societal scrutiny

14. Which of the after the is also unproductive to-do far away from far from at the same time very strong one to choices can be made arbitrarily rather than due processes? an excellent. all over the world communities b. private groups C bureaucracy d. public charities

fifteen. Government’s role inside the area is so pervading that it was termed “new management condition” from the ______ when you look at the 1948. a good. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Frank J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo