How to Sell Metal by the Ton

How to Sell Metal by the Ton

How to Sell Metal by the Ton

Selling scrap metal is a lucrative business that any person can venture and make some good cash. However, just like any other industry, there are several tips and loops that you need to know to hit the market up and running. Below are tips on how to sell metal by the ton.

Know your sources

Buying and accumulating scrap metal before selling is likely to help you get better prices at the scrap yard. Small weights may not be worth the effort. However, you may buy small and accumulate them over time before selling.

Identify the possible sources of good scrap metal in your area. This could be some manufacturing firm, households or dump yard for accident and old vehicles. Get a good means of transport to lower the cost of transport and damage to the vehicle.

Prepare your Scrap

It is hard to get pure scrap metal unless you are sourcing it from an industry. Rubber, plastic and other non-n metallic items, will cover the metal.         The scrap dealers will have to pay less to cover for the weight of the non-metallic parts. However, scrap metal that have been stripped of the non-metallic parts fetches higher prices. Consider taking your time to prepare your metal.

Go to a yard that has a good reputation

Just as discussed above, you have to get rid of the poor scrap dealers for you to sell at good prices. Only deal with people that appreciate your business and are not looking for loopholes to take advantage of you. Do a little background research of the scrap dealers in your locality and pick the very best for your business. When you find a good partner, look for ways to create a lasting business relationship.

Look at the Metal Prices

Before you load up that truck to take the scrap metal to the yard, call them, and get to know their prices. It is better to call a few yards and know their prices. All the yards that you call should have passed the step above.

Separate Scrap as much as possible

In addition to removing non-metallic parts off your scrap metal, consider separating metal parts to small pieces. Separating increases the value of your load significantly. The price difference between several load grades is worth the effort. If you have tons of metal that is well prepared, it will really pay well. The first three classes of scrap cost more than twice of the other classes.