It was a humble way to begin: three employees, one truck, a forklift. That was 25 years ago. Now – 50 employees and a fleet of trucks and forklifts, and magnet cranes later – Tucson Iron and Metal flourishes as one of Tucson’s leading full-service metal-recycling companies. The more you know about us, there more we think you’ll want to work with us.

Founded in 1986 by Tandy and Gary Kippur (a third-generation scrap-metal dealer), Tucson Iron and Metal boasts not only trucks, forklifts, and magnet cranes but shears mounted exclusively on Caterpillar® products as well. And, to boast just a little bit more, no office staff works harder or is friendlier, and with a combined total of 75 years in the scrap-metal business…well, the experience of our employees speaks for itself.

Tucson Iron and Metal. Mettle for metal.

Services & Accountability

Tucson Iron and Metal thinks globally, but we’re locally owned, and that’s why we’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for scrap material in Arizona – and thanks to our investment in cutting-edge processing equipment and resources, you can be assured that doing business with us guarantees a high level of both service and accountability.

Want an example of service? Here’s one: we have the ability to transport our equipment anywhere in the state of Arizona, allowing for convenient processing of your material at your location. As for accountability, our supply roll-off containers (for all kinds of industrial scrap) ensure clean, efficient removal of your scrap material.

Tucson Iron and Metal’s standards of service and accountability are – admittedly – high, but our superb staff allows us to maintain them, as does our well-equipped, modern facility. And our attention to detail, emphasis on quality, and focus on the customer empowers us to market to the widest variety of consumers.