Scrap Metal Artists

Scrap Metal Artists

Scrap Metal Artists

You may not be aware, but there is a beautiful thing happening in a niche community of artists. Scrap Metal Artists, visionaries who are taking what used to be old, seemingly useless scrap metals, doomed to be thrown in the dump or eventually recycled and re-purposed, into incredibly artistic and life-like creations. If you haven’t seen the scrap metal art yet, it will truly blow you away, as it often takes the beauty of nature and animals and infuses it with iron, creating a wonderful steampunk-type art peace like none you’ve seen before. These wonderful minds are few and difficult to find, but I’ve pinpointed few that stood out. Here are 3 of the Top Scrap Metal Artists.


John Kennedy Brown

Otherwise known as J.K. Brown, John Kennedy Brown has taken to scrap metal creations with what can be described as elegance. His creations are more often miniatures, but they do not lack the least bit in detail and ingenuity. From horses, to butterflies, to ants, John is able to take any animal you can imagine and create the most excellent small, lifelike version of it you could desire.



David Smith

Scrap metal is not only for recreations and David Smith makes that clear with his abstract take on the scrap metal art phenomenon. David is not only one of the best, but he is thought to be a founding father of the original 20th century movement. David was one of the original masterminds who took seemingly lifeless scrap, and created a thought provoking piece of art. David being inspired by Picasso, was bound to take on the scrap metal task in an excellent abstract manner.


John Lopez

John Lopez could quite possibly be deemed the greatest scrap metal artist to live yet. His combination of realism, attention to detail, and pure size of his projects have earned him the spot of number 1 on this list. Like J.K., Lopez focuses on creating art based on animals and the world around him, however rather than miniature versions, Lopez has created equally stunning pieces, on a much grander scale. Be buffaloes, horses, or people, if it’s going to look like an animal, it’s going to be as big as one too.



Here is an amazing buffalo created by John Lopez. It’s a perfect combination of size, beauty, and amazing creativity. Not only does Lopez create a realistic look to the buffalo, he incorporates his own flavor to the work, as seen as the metal head of a Native American is incorporated into the buffalo’s body, yet it somehow perfectly blends and does not distract the eye.