Benefits of Scrapping Metal

Benefits of Scrapping Metal

Many of us scrap for the profit, but there are benefits of scrapping metal that go beyond financial gain. Like using recycled materials, including metals, instead of extracting or creating new ones cuts CO2 emissions by 200 million tonnes each year, according to EU figures. Add to this an 86 per cent reduction in air pollution, and a 76 per cent decrease in water pollution. In fact, scrap iron can even be used to detoxify industrial waste water.

Reusing scrap metal helps to build and emphasise the circular economy, where we can keep reaping the benefits of metals that have already been extracted over and over again.

There are many uses for scrap metal, and the benefits for the economy and the environment of recycling it outweigh the sometimes difficult process of separating different types of metals during the recycling process.

Scrap metal requires a much lower temperature for melting than ore metal, reducing both financial and environmental costs. Metal can even be made stronger than it was originally, allowing products to last longer. Using an Electric Arc Furnace, which can be fed almost 100% scrap steel, makes it stronger and more durable for use in products such as structural beams.

Recycled metals are a major element of the transport industry, meaning you can literally ‘go further’ with scrap metal. They are used in building roads and tracks, as well as for the vehicles that use them.

Cars are the most recycled metal product, with millions reaching the end of their lives each year. As a result of advertising the general public have become increasingly aware about the value of their scrap vehicles. This has pushed the scrap car industry and whether it be for financial gain or for environmental peace of mind, the outcome is the same, more vehicles are being recycled. The steel from cars is separated from other materials and shredded, before being melted down and reused. About 25 per cent of car bodies are made from recycled metal, but this percentage could still be higher.