Demolition Project

Demolition Project

How to have a building demolished

Thinking about a demolition project? You may have a building demolished if you need to use the area for a different purpose, rebuild another building or if the structural integrity of the building has been compromised.

Demolishing the building is a pretty tedious job that requires specialized tools depending on the size of the building. Below are things you should know when you need to demolish your building.

Get the demolition permit from the local authority

You need a permit to demolish your building especially if you live in urban and suburb areas. Once you get the permit, notify your neighbors about your project so that they take necessary precautions.  Explain why you have to do it and apologize for the inconveniences you may cause.

Do not demolish the house yourself

It may seem easy and cost-effective to demolish the building yourself. However, the risks involved outweigh the advantages of the same. You may get injured in the process or cause harm to neighboring buildings and trees. Get a contractor to do the job for you. You will also need the services of a dumpster to remove the once the demolition is completed.

Have the utility firms disconnect their services 

Before the demolition of the building, ensure that you have had water, electricity, and telephone service lines cut and removed. You must have cleared any outstanding bills beforehand. If the demolition is likely to damage a utility line passing near or through your property, request the utility firm to remove the lines temporary so that you can do the demolition.

Asbestos have different removal procedures 

Asbestos have been known to be carcinogenic. Therefore, many authorities around the world have specific rules on how to demolish buildings with asbestos materials. The building has to be inspected before it is demolished. Hire qualified asbestos removers to handle the work.

Do not inhabit a building when the demolition is going on

Even with the best demolition procedures, the dust will be unbearable. It is likely to cause lung problems and allergic reactions in some cases. Seek temporary accommodation elsewhere.

You can have some materials recycled for your next project

There is so much that can be reused in your building. Think of stripping the electrical fixtures and any valuable thing before the demolition. You can pick any other material that you find valuable after demolition.

When done right, demolitions can be safe and effective. Call Tucson Iron and Metal when considering a demolition project.