Details on Metal Pricing

Details on Metal Pricing


When looking to sell scrap metal, it is always important for you to determine the total value of your metal. You can do so by;

  1. Checking the Metal Pricing Online

Numerous websites provide up to date prices on a variety of all industrial metals. When ready to cash the scrap metal, you should consider the local going rate for the metals that are at your disposal.

Make sure you print out all the market reports that you find online, or save the pages on your phone for later viewing. If you come across various online sources displaying similar retail prices, then you can rest assured that the prices you have found are realistic.

  1. Get in Touch With A Trusted Yard to Know their Rates

It is not uncommon to find many yards offering different prices for scrap metals. You should, therefore, call around the yards in your area to inquire about their going rates for scrap metal.

You must have an idea of the total weight of your material as any scrap yard you call to ask about the prices will need to know about your weight load.

Make sure you consider the distance between the collection point and that of the scrap yard. It needs not be too large.

  1. Negotiate For Better Rates

The price quoted by a scrap yard is not final as they always have some wiggle room for their clients. The question on whether or not the facility will provide you with a better rate will depend on how they view you.

If you are a repeat customer, there is a high chance that you will get better rates as compared to all the other clients. If you continue to supply a steady load of scrap metal, you can build a relationship with the business, which will also improve your chances of getting better pay for future loads that you deliver.

  1. Accumulate a Large Volume Before Selling

Many metal yards offer better prices for larger amounts as compared to the smaller ones. If you can wait to collect enough metal before selling, the chances are that you will get to maximize your returns.

Bringing in more material at once also improves your chances of building a relationship with the owners. The more scrap metal that you can bring in at once, the more likely that the yard will get to see you as a valuable client, and thus be willing to pay top dollar for the load.

  1. Always Keep Seasonality in Mind

Seasons also affect the prices paid for the metal. Locations that have freezing winter months attract better metal prices as it is very hard to salvage during this period, and it is a period where very few people get to sell metal. Keeping seasonality in mind can help earn you more money than waiting to accumulate the load.