Different Classes of Aluminum for Recycling

Different Classes of Aluminum for Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is an essential component of the waste management process. Whether you have an old car in your yard, or are looking to get rid of other metal items, bringing your metal to a recycling center will help protect the environment and provide you with cash in your pocket. As you are preparing to recycle your aluminum, it is important to identify what type of metal you will be bringing to the scrap metal facility. Read on for a closer look at some of the different classes of aluminum for recycling.


Cans are by far the most commonly recycled type of aluminum. From soda to alcoholic beverages and more, many of our most popular household goods are packaged in aluminum containers. If you are wondering whether your cans are made from real aluminum, you can test the makeup of your containers using a common household magnet.

Household Scrap

Along with beverage cans, there are many other household items that are made from aluminum. For example, you may have old lawn chairs, appliances, or other goods that have been constructed from aluminum materials. Just like beverage cans, these aluminum products can be easily processed and recycled at a scrap metal facility.

Manufacturing Scrap

Aluminum scrap is also generated during the manufacturing process. For example, when a beverage can is made, the manufacturing facility will recycle any left over aluminum that was generated from the procedure. These aluminum scraps can be melted down in a smelter and reformed to create sustainably produced goods.

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