Essential Tips for Selling Scrap Metal

Essential Tips for Selling Scrap Metal

Old appliances and leftover metal from completed projects can be sold for a profit, but it helps to understand how the process works. Selling your scrap metal in Tucson can lead to a nice return when done properly. Continue reading if you would like to learn a few essential tips for selling scrap metal.

Differentiating Between Metals

Before you sell your scrap metal, it helps to take a look at your inventory and assess the different kinds of metals that you have. Most scrap metal is ferrous, meaning that it contains stainless steel, iron, or other iron alloys. Non-ferrous metals like copper, nickel, and aluminum tend to be more valuable than ferrous metals. It is wise to separate your ferrous and non-ferrous metals so that you can take advantage of the greater value that non-ferrous metals have to offer.

Evaluating Your Appliances

Most people do have some sort of scrap metal, or at least metal that can potentially be sold; however, not everyone knows where to look. When you upgrade appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and cooking ranges, you may be able to sell your old units. Scrap metal is typically sold by the pound, and these appliances tend to be at least 100 pounds. This means that you can sell your old appliances for scrap metal and enjoy a small return to put towards your new units. The heavier your appliances are, the more you stand to gain from them.

Utilizing Proper Techniques

Research and diligence tend to pay off, and these values can help you make a significant amount of money from scrap metal. Many individuals who do not sell or recycle their scrap metal are willing to give it away for free, so be sure to take them up on such an offer.

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