Famous Scrap Metal Artists: David Smith

Famous Scrap Metal Artists: David Smith

Throughout the centuries, artists have looked at the materials surrounding them for inspiration and creativity. In recent decades, some artists have chosen to make statements by using scrap metal and other found materials for their pieces. David Smith is known as of the pioneers of scrap metal artwork in the 20th century. With his whimsical and lyrical creations, Smith popularized scrap metal as a sculptural medium. To provide you with inspiration for your next scrap metal project, here is a look at some of the highlights in David Smith’s career.

Early Years

David Smith was born in 1906, and spent his formative years in Indiana. After a move to New York City in the 1920s, Smith began taking painting and sculpture classes at the Art Students League of New York. During his time in New York, Smith was exposed to the work of famous modernist and abstract painters, such as Picasso and Kandinsky.

Crafting an Identity

After World War Two, Smith began experimenting with sculptural mediums. While traditional metal sculptures were created using bronze casts, Smith sought to use recycled materials, such as scrap metal. Using a welding torch, Smith combined found pieces of metal to create highly original works. In fact, Smith is known as the first American artist to use welding as a sculptural technique.

Lasting Legacy

To this day, Smith is recognized as a key figure in the sculpture world. In notable works, such as Cubis, Smith used painterly techniques to bring his abstract metal sculptures to life. While his sculptures were primarily abstract, Smith spoke openly about the philosophical and political implications of his work.

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