Hasan Novrozi

Hasan Novrozi

We spend quite a bit of time writing about scrap metal, the price of scrap, how to find scrap and how to price it in order to sell it to vendors like ourselves for a profit. You also may have noticed from time to time we have written articles involving specific scrap metal artist, like today’s featured artist: Hasan Novrozi. In an effort to bring you more compelling and informative insight into the world of art and scrapping we hope to start a monthly tradition by offering a featured artist of the month.


We’ll start of by saying, there’s not much out there about Hasan, we assume like most artist, self promotion lies in the art itself and not plastered all over the internet. The artwork from our untrained eye seems to be mainly comprised of his collection of animals (mythical and real) welded together to create a Steampunk like look and feel.


The attention to detail throughout the art work is amazing, lacing and interwoven story of past and future and a struggle of progression. Sound deep? Well, that’s art for you..and Steampunk for that matter. Novrozi works in other mediums as well, clay and paint to be exact. His works seem to tell a story of struggle and angst told through the design of the beast of the wild.


To be able to create artwork so magnificent and eye catching out of something that most of us spend a weekend cleaning out our garages, cellars and attics to rid ourselves of, is an amazing talent. We strongly suggest visiting Hasans Facebook page and review the numerous albums and collections of work he has created over the years. From what we can tell, and the research we personally put into it, Hasan is not about the showmanship of the sell, it’s about the vision and sculpture itself.