How Much is Scrap Art Worth?

How Much is Scrap Art Worth?

How Much is Scrap Art Worth?

Ever really wonder “How much is scrap art worth?” No? neither have we really. It has though crossed our minds while writing and article about scrap metal artist. I mean, scrap metal art is awesome, beautiful and a true craftsman can only have the vision to turn a fork and some wrought iron into a beautiful mosaic of a bird in flight that sells for over $500. Now granted, most of us are in the business of finding scrap metal, breaking it down, selling it, maybe reselling it, melting it, and reusing it to create new metals and products. There you go, that my friend is art.

Below are some pieces of scrap metal art that actually made more money than any scrap haul on a sunday afternoon ever came close to.

Abstract is Where It’s At

The majority of artwork made from scrap metal are either replicas of nature or possibly abstract artwork. Which basically means you can not label it by any other structure.

Below is a piece which is a free standing abstract modern rusted patina corten steel sculpture, named “Adorne”, this piece is currently selling for $4,500.00.

image 4

Understand though, most scrap artist don’t sell their pieces for thousands of dollars. Most of our scrap metal artist create smaller pieces that most of us can carry away from our local art show. Whether it is abstract or conventional, and scrap metal art work can be appreciated. So if you ever are curious about different scrap metal artist, feel free to view or previous blogs to learn how they got started, what is their muse, or maybe why and how they got started in such a niche art market, just visit our  blog page here and enjoy the many different articles on the artist.