How Your Business can Prevent Copper Theft

How Your Business can Prevent Copper Theft

As the value of scrap metal increases, copper theft has also been on the rise as thieves target this metal for a profitable sale. Whether thieves operate on a large or small scale, the theft of any copper from your property will cost you in terms of money, time, and inconvenience. Fortunately, there are many simple steps your business can take to reduce the likelihood of copper theft in Tucson.

Paint Metal Black

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to deter scrap metal thieves is to paint all your copper components black. This will make copper wires and tubing look like worthless rubber or plastic materials, rather than more valuable metal. Painting your copper components will not affect their function in any way.

Install Locking Mechanisms

You can prevent the theft of copper from plumbing components and wiring by installing locking mechanisms. Locking metal cages are available for backflow prevention devices, while many fuse and wiring boxes can be secured with the addition of a store-bought lock. If you are concerned about the safety of metal air conditioning components, you can also purchase larger enclosures for these appliances as well.

Improve Lighting and Surveillance

Installing bright lights and surveillance equipment near metal appliances and other components is also an excellent way to deter thieves. Because thieves rely on taking items without notice, making it clear that you will spot any trespassers on your property will make it less likely for thieves to target your copper. Installing an alarm system or hiring an after-hours security services are additional steps you can take if you are concerned about the possibility of copper theft.

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