Interesting Facts about Brass

Interesting Facts about Brass

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Musicians Love Brass

Brass has played a very important role in the evolution of music. The horn and trumpet are two of the oldest brass instruments ever made. The French horn was first used by orchestras in the early 1700s, and by 1815 brass instruments had become a permanent part of the classical orchestral ensemble. Brass instruments continue to be highly sought-after by musicians today.

Brass is Electric

Brass is a highly conductive material and is therefore one of the more important metals used to manufacture electrical components. Brass also has a very low fatigue rate, which is another way of saying that it doesn’t wear out as quickly as some other metals.

The Beauty of Brass

In addition to instruments and electrical components, brass is used to manufacture countless everyday items ranging from statues and figurines to candle holders, serving dishes, and jewelry. One of the reasons brass is so widely used because of its unmistakable color and sheen. What you might not know, however, is that the color and hardness of brass can be manipulated in the manufacturing process by changing the mixture of zinc and copper.


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