Scrap Metal Recycling – Know your metals

Metal recycling has become a trendy activity, and everyone from commercial bodies to individual households is keen on recycling scrap metals. To join the numerous people who are in the metal recycling business, you ought to understand the various types of metals before you even think about where to sell your scrap metal.

The Difference between Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

The easiest answer to this is that ferrous metals have Iron while nonferrous metals do not. To distinguish between these types of metals, you can use a magnet as you separate and collect metals. If the magnet sticks to any metal pieces, there is a high chance that they are ferrous, and if it fails to stick, it is nonferrous. It is important to differentiate between ferrous and nonferrous metals since there is a significant difference in the price between these two. Nonferrous metals can earn you more money than ferrous ones.

In addition to knowing the types of metals, you also need to know the basic metals. Take a look at some of the metals you can recycle.

  • Brass

The yellowish metal with a hint of red is also heavy. It is typically found in locks, pipes, locks, ornaments and door knobs. Yellow brass is amply used, and you can, therefore, recycle them. Brass does not rust, and it is also way malleable in comparison to copper. It is easy to recycle since it is not mixed with other metals. As a result, recycling brass is extremely beneficial.

  • Copper

The metal is reddish in color when it is in a great condition, and when it wears out a bit, it can have a dark brown color with some green rusted places. Copper is among the most sought after and expensive metals. It is widely used in gas stoves, plumbing devices, coins and construction tools. Over the years, the demand for copper has grown over the years, and it is, therefore, a prudent thing to do. You can use copper over and over without making any distinction to the authentic qualities it has.

  • Steel

Steel is magnetic and also rusts easily. It is the most abundantly found metal that is simple to weld and thus easy to recycle. Like copper, steel can be recycled over and over without losing its original properties.

  • Aluminum

It has a whitish, silver color but can often be painted using white paint. Aluminum also bends easily when it is thin and is broadly available in our daily surroundings.

Recycling and selling scrap metal is a great option to earn some money or just clear out some space.