Metal Artwork

Metal Artwork

Types of metal artwork

With artistic skills and creativity you can you can come up with great and unbelievable sculpture. The beauty of metal artwork is that you can turn any piece of metal to reality through crafting them into anything that you perceive. For you to create an amazing sculpture, you will need to be patient and dedicate most of your time in the artwork. However, there are different types of metals best used in artwork because of their durability and beauty.


Artwork made from copper are probably the prettiest because they offer you versatility allowing you to appreciate metal sculptures either for outdoor or indoor. Copper may be referred to as the most beautiful metal because of its ability to naturally change color and create a patina with heat. With the different ways, one can color copper with you will get a rainbow of colors in your most outdoor climates Copper will naturally patina and give you a green hue.


Industrial aluminum sheet typically preferred by most artists for artwork because it’s high resistant to weather and durability even without any clear coat in it. It is best in most metal artwork because of the presence of white undertone coming through a great vibrant whenever a grind pattern is applied to it.


If you need to have cast metal sculptures, bronze is the best widely known metal for such sculptures. The commonly used bronze alloy normally has a very desirable and unusual property of slightly expanding before being set and this gives the greatest details of a mold. Bronze is specifically a breathtaking metal which makes it a critical metal for most artwork. Bronze can produce a great coloring when torched just as steel does. For any rustic style artwork, diverse types and finishes of bronze are typically relevant than steel or aluminum.


Steel is mostly preferred by most artists for making various outdoor sculptures when appropriate care is taken by the artist when creating the artwork. Its metallic characteristics and weight make it more durable and stable. The outdoor sculptures made from steel are usually pre-rusted and treated with linseed oil and turpentine to give them an incredible sheen and make them resemble leather.


Most artwork made from brass is capable of retaining their color indefinitely if given the proper protection with fitting finishes. Just like copper, brass patinas through the application of chemicals or naturally. The chemicals applied to brass typically create an artificial patina within a few hours which would have taken decades to form naturally. This feature enables your artwork to retain a natural beauty for many years.