New Year New Scrap

New Year New Scrap

As we start the new year off, many of you will be looking for new ways to increase your overall hauls on scrap metal. Some of you spent 2019 trying to make your scraping is time to change everything. Before you make costly mistakes that might cost more than they return..then just continue reading about the most cost effective scrapping methods we have garnered over the years. A new year new scrap mentality might be all you need.


First and foremost, keep your early scrapping simple, if you’ve done any sort of scraping, you know there is nothing about scraping that is simple. Keeping it simple means simple metals that can be separated quickly and easily. Start with small things around the home or garage that you can drop off and collect. Once you find a scrap metal recycler in your area you area comfortable with and will communicate with you..then start searching for your next finds.


We have obviously written about this before, but it bares repeating. Scrap metal is everywhere. Start online on craigslist offering to remove unwanted appliances, such as washers and dryers, refrigerators and so on. Eventually people will contact you to give you there scrap metal items. If the early start is slow, develope a nice route in and around your city, town or county. The day of trash or corner pick up is the best day and an hour before pick up time is the best time. Thrown away lights, wiring and other table top items and numerous other accessories will be available around town. While on that route, start looking for businesses on that route that may discard scrap metal on a regular basis, such as repair shops or fabrication shops, many will be happy to let you haul away their junk.

Check back in future articles about the best places to scrap.