OSHA Guidelines for Scrap Metal Recycling

OSHA Guidelines for Scrap Metal Recycling

The metal recycling industry, in the United States alone, process more than 60 million tons of scrap metal each year. Although metal recycling facilities are safer today than ever before, it’s hard to process that much scrap metal on a yearly basis without incident. However, it’s not only the men and women who process scrap metal that get injured. Exploring a scrap metal yard is a fun and exciting way to find the spare parts you need, especially if you’re an artist looking for materials, but metal yards can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. OSHA has published safety guidelines for scrap metal recycling, and they can help you stay safe while you explore Tucson Iron & Metal.


Sorting through and collecting scrap metal involves numerous hazards, such as lifting injuries and cuts. OSHA specifically outlines the dangers of scrap metal collecting in its Guidance for the Identification and Control of Safety and Health Hazards in Metal Scrap Recycling, the definitive guide on safety for the metal recycling industry. Wear thick working gloves when handling scrap metal, and don’t attempt to lift anything too heavy on your own.


Scrap metal yards are full of machinery, and not just the run-down kind waiting to be recycled. Forklifts, crushers, and compactors are just a few of the metal processing machines used by Tucson Iron & Metal. While you are exploring our scrap yard, stay away from equipment and machinery that is being operated or looks like it could be used in the processing of scrap metal.


Metal yards are noticeable from miles away for their mountains of scrap metal. Although there are certainly treasures to be found in these piles, we ask that you avoid climbing any scrap metal mounds that are more than a few feet off the ground. Falling from heights is a danger in any industrial setting, especially when the only thing that will break your fall is jagged scrap metal.

Come explore Tucson Iron & Metal and find the scrap metal you need for a construction project or art piece. Our staff will answer any questions you have and give you pointers on safely enjoying our scrap metal yard. Call us at (520) 884-1554 to learn more.