Planning a Successful Demolition Project

Whether you are eliminating a building or preparing for a major renovation, demolition must come first. Every demolition project is different, but each requires a few similar steps during the planning process to ensure safety and convenience. Before you set your demolition date in Tucson, these basic tips will help you prepare your site for work:

Inspect the Grounds

Although your demolition project will focus only on the area or building set for destruction, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings during this process. Prior to demolition, perform a full inspection of your property. Identify any areas or items that could pose a hazard either directly or if they are accidentally damaged during this process. Mapping out your concerns and taking steps to prevent problems will improve the safety of your project and prevent accidental damage to surrounding areas. If the property you plan to demolish contains hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint, mercury, or CFCs, make sure there are measures in place to contain and dispose of these materials properly to protect workers.

Plan for Waste Removal

Following demolition, waste materials must be removed for disposal or recycling. You should have waste removal services lined up well in advance of your demolition date to prevent potentially hazardous or dangerous materials from remaining on site after work is completed. Keep in mind that most materials can be recycled, including many types of scrap metal, plastic, flooring, and roofing. Look for a reputable company that will not only remove waste materials, but take these reusable resources for recycling as well to reduce the environmental impact of your demolition project.

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