Recycled Art Spotlight: Lin Evola-Smidt

Recycled Art Spotlight: Lin Evola-Smidt

Rather than throwing away your scrap metal in Tucson, it is always preferable to make something new out of them. Lin Evola-Smidt is one artist who creates beautiful pieces out of recycled materials. Read on as we put the recycled art spotlight on Lin Evola-Smidt.

Lin Evola-Smidt’s Mission

Art can be used for countless purposes: to inspire, to commemorate, or even to provide comfort in a time of need. Lin Evola-Smidt has sought to use her art for peace by spreading awareness of gun violence. She also promotes environmentally safe practices and makes her art pieces out of recycled materials. Her statues are dedicated to the pursuit of peace and positive change in a society that can be reckless and cold, and they are made from the guns that they aim to silence.

Her Beginning

Evola-Smidt was inspired to create her statues by the prevalence of gun violence in 1990s Los Angeles. She decided that she would use guns as her medium; melting them down to their raw metals, she could transform a symbol of violence into a statue of peace. She crafted these melted down guns into metal angels that stood at 3 feet tall. As her mission began to gain traction, she quickly received the materials to make much larger and more profound statues. She is perhaps best known for her Renaissance Peace Angel, which towers at 13 feet tall.

Her Art

Today Evola-Smidt has her Peace Angels in various countries across the world. She creates these statues by drawing influence from both the community and the metal recycling that allows her mission to thrive. She strives to make bigger statues that represent more and more decommissioned weapons and a larger beacon of hope.

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