Recycling Ferrous Metals

Recycling Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are those metals or alloys that contain iron; such metals include carbon steel, stainless steel, and wrought iron. These metals have a few unique characteristics, including magnetic properties. Ferrous metals are quite valuable in the scrap metal recycling industry—each year, more than 500 million metric tons of ferrous metals are recycled and reused for many purposes.

Sorting and Recycling Iron

The recycling of ferrous metals begins with sorting and removing those metals containing iron from non-ferrous materials. Because ferrous metals are magnetic, this process simply requires running all scrap metals collected through a device that contains a magnet or magnetic belt. During this process, the ferrous metals are attracted to the magnet, easily separating them from the remainder of the scrap metal. Alternatively, a shredder containing magnetic drums can be used to separate ferrous metals from other scrap metals for recycling. Ferrous metals don’t require further separation by type before recycling can begin. Recycling ferrous metals involves melting the metals down to a liquid state, then purifying them and compacting the resulting material into solid blocks or beams for manufacturing use.

Using Recycled Iron

Recycled iron has many uses, ranging from large-scale construction to small-scale manufacturing. Thanks to efficient recycling practices, nearly 40% of the steel produced worldwide is made from recycled scrap metals. Recycled iron and other ferrous metals are used in the construction of both buildings and roadways, as well as in the production of automobiles, aircraft, and appliances. Many household products also contain recycled ferrous metals, such as office supplies, food containers and cans, and hardware.

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