Scary Scrap Metal Art

Scary Scrap Metal Art

With Halloween here, and things that go bump in the felt just right to share some scary scrap metal art versus the typical this is how to separate your scrap articles we have all read over and over. Do not be afraid.

Hollywood is not always larger than life. RoboSteel, an Ireland-based firm that creates sculptures from scrap metal, has created a real-world piece inspired by the the character of the queen from the cult Hollywood franchise Alien.

The piece, called “alien queen,” is 1,200 pounds of recycled steel and has more than 4,000 parts, polished and lacquered to create a replica that would make any tinsel-town art director proud.

A sci-fi horror film released in 1979, Alien featured a band of aggressive extraterrestrials that killed humans on a spaceship. In the sequel to the movie released in 1986, the alien queen is a 15 feet tall, a terrifying monster whose power comes from being the only fertile member of the predatory species.

In RoboSteel’s real-world version, the queen is about half the size (2.5 meters, or 8 feet) but still impressive in its details.

Nearly 90 percent of the parts for the sculpture came from Yamaha motorcycles collected from scrapyards, says RoboSteel. All the parts were hand-welded.

The construction took about three months and three people worked full time to complete the project. RoboSteel made an alien king and queen pair. The king was sold last year and now lives in Trinidad.

If you want this sculpture next to the R2D2 in your living room, it will set you back by about $6,000.

The sculpture will also be featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not later this year.

So if you you hear something going clank in the night, it might be a scrap metal monster.