Scrap Metal Artist Part 2

Scrap Metal Artist Part 2

Top Scrap Metal Artists around the world

It is unbelievable what one can make from scrap metals out of innovation and creativity. Currently, a number of artists have concentrate on metal scrap recycling by coming up with innovative way of making outstanding sculptures and other artworks, from scrap metals such as screws, nuts, broken chairs, metal pipes and so on. However, making something incredible from scrap metals requires a lot of skills and experience. Coming up with art from the recycled scrap metals will even take longer time and need more accuracy. However, this is proving not to be challenge for scrap metal artist. They are using any scrap material they come across from unusable electronics, watch, old bike or car parts to broken devices to craft beautiful sculptures such as big animals, tiny insects, and children toys.

Spectacular steel sculpture

In the United States steel scriptures are highly appreciated. The people admires and marvels any unique ability of the artist to craft scraps into some aesthetically appealing sculptures. Some artists have made a life from the scrap and are highly recognized in the USA. Herein is a list of some of them.

David Smith

All through artist look at the material around them for innovation and creativity. They make their statements through using waste materials and scrap metals for their pieces. David Smith is known to have been the chief pioneer of using scrap metals artworks in the early century. In the early days, people used to make metal sculptures from bronze casts which he sought to change and instead used scrap metals to create great and original artworks. He is the first American ever to use welding as one of his sculptural technique of making artworks.

Kevin Stone

He is one of the best metal artists in the world who deals with unique, large scale and three-dimensional stainless steel metal sculptures for both local and international audience. He takes his time, love and care to come up with enormous but elegant sculptures. The giant eagle sculpture is the best as it holds the world’s record of being the eagle sculpture made from stainless steel scrap metals.

Doctor Evermor

Have you come across some standing sculptures in different part of USA and wondered who could have come up with such ideas? Well, most are ideas by Dr. Evermor`s. Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron is one of the world largest standing sculptures artists who crafted scrap metals to attractive artworks. He used his artistic skills to come up with various metal sculptures in a backyard where most people love spending their time in admiring his incredible artwork.

John Lopez

Artist John Lopez has for years been able to turn scrap metal into some incredible sculptures. Out of his creativity and innovation, he can create an animal sculpture in less than five months. Lopez made a Triceratops Cowboy sculpture and a massive beast from iron scrap metals. He welds his sculptures from abandoned farm machinery.