Scrap Metal for Art

Scrap Metal for Art

How to use scrap metal for art

There is the abundance of scrap metal for art all around us. This may be from the household items, metal parts from the electronics, farm equipment, vehicles, industrial metallic waste and so many  other sources. It is possible to make amazing art pieces from the scrap metal to beautify the landscapes, the house interiors, the fencing or just make centerpieces to be used in the interior design. Here is how to go about it.

What can you make from scrap metal?

You can make all sorts of sculptures and functional items from the scrap metal

Sculptures or living things

The scrap metal can be used to make sculptures of living things as people, animals, or trees. Try to be as creative as ever by utilizing different pieces of scrap metal to give the details such as the eyes, hair, branches, and so forth. You can vary the color and the boldness of any piece.

Abstract art

Abstract art is a depiction of images and ideas that do not represent any known living ot non-living forms. You are free to come with just anything as long as it looks good. Different metal tones and the skill in putting small pieces together can produce different forms of abstract art.

Functional items

You can use the scrap metal to create functional items such as chairs, clothe hangers, tables, gates, storage spaces, and so forth. Ensure that you maintain the rustic look when creating functional pieces. You can use the items out doors on your patio or even beside your fireplace.

Steps in creating amazing pieces

In most cases, you work on the metals in the form that they are. You will just cut them into appropriate pieces and beat them to the shape that you desire. You can solder or just glue different pieces together. Have the idea of the item that you require to make in the mind prior to modeling the pieces.

In commercial cases where bold forms of art need to be created, scrap metal can be melted and the molded into the desired art pieces. You can leave the pieces as they are for that rustic look or paint as desired. You can also stain the pieces by adding color here and there without painting the whole piece.

There is so much art that you can produce with scrap metal.  It is cheap, readily available and appropriate for this type of work. Get creative and make breathtaking pieces.