Scrapping will make you money

Scrapping will make you money

It’s true, believe it or not, scrapping will make you money! While the rest of us debate the coming year with some trepidation after a rough 2016. You my friend can roll up your sleeves, take notice of the backyard, garage and other assets of your home…and get paid!

Some of the simplest things work!


Want a new grill? How about recycling the metal or stainless steel of the old one in the backyard. Even the old propane tank (which needs to be emptied) is worth something. Even better, how about that neighbor we all have that has two or three of these sitting in the backyard. It might be time to let them in on your new little secret…get paid for your junk.

Old tools that don’t work anymore

Like most of us, we have a garage full of tools that have snapped, broke or bent their way out of usability. Even the ones that aren’t all metal. Garden trows, lawn mowers, weed eaters, saws (hand or chain) all could be worth something if recycled.


Old Above Ground Swimming Pools

Tearing down your old pool will take some time and probably require a little friendly assistance, but it can be a profitable weekend project that can help pay for renovating your backyard after it’s gone. Many homes here in southern Arizona start with an above ground pool prior to the commitment of building something more permanent. Try calling your local pool builder and offer to remove old above grounds for those building a new built in pool.

The old broken down farm equipment

Now this might not be something you nor I have lying around our yards, but have you ever driven outside the city and seen old rusted farm equipment that hasn’t moved in ten years? Easy enough, most people just don’t want to take the time to move the equipment themselves. There are two reasons for this, first of all, they lack the equipment to tow or haul equipment away. The second reason is, they have no clue where to take it. Most rural areas are void of scrap metal buyers or recyclers in the area. They just want it gone, and they may even pay you to remove it if its large enough.


Scrapping old cars

Now this might be the most difficult and or complicated idea of them all, considering the laws in your state or local scrap yard. Much like farm equipment, folks sometimes just want cars gone from their yard, and it doesn’t matter if the metal on the car is from 1970 or 2017, it sells. The key is to once again look for those homes generally in rural areas that might need something towed out. Remember to get the clean title before and remove rubber and plastic from the car (more recyclables). Its also wise to check craigslist for rock bottom deals. Remember the parts of the engine , not just the metal from outside are worth plenty and should be thought about whne searching for a scrap metal deal!