Scrapping Your Career

Scrapping Your Career

If you really think about it, driving around all day, picking up curbside metal trash, cleaning it, and selling it for cash isn’t the worst hobby/side hustle/job in the world. I mean, you make your own hours, you are your own boss and you ultimately decide how much you make. It is your business. What if, something else were your business, and you would like to add to your income, but weekend warrior scrapping is not as profitable as you thought? Well you should really think about scrapping your career. No, not scrap your career, not make scrapping your career, but find scrap in your day to day job, that does not interfere with what pays the bills. There are some careers that just scream bonus cash, just by looking around, cleaning up and quite possibly making someones life much easier. Here are a few careers where you can add scrapping to the job description.


Millions and millions of tons of steel, copper and aluminum piping are sitting under someones kitchen sink, bathroom fixtures or running through their yard that will need replacing. Please..don’t take this as some battle cry to tear up your home to collect $50 in scrap metal. What makes more sense is if you already work as a plumber or even better, have your own plumbing service business, it might be time to think about keeping that old copper piping that your replacing with poly pipe. Even if you are not the owner, offer to haul away old piping for the owner if he/she doesn’t already have someone doing it for them.

Air Conditioning/Heating Repair

Another one that is easily missed, this time for a few reasons, air conditioning and/or heating repair. Most people are not aware of the amount of wiring, heating elements venting…and especially the casing that encloses an air conditioning unit is all aluminum. When a new unit is installed, where does all of that copper and aluminum go? Usually it is not even stripped down, if it is usually hauled to a dump or the parts are housed for future repairs. Neither of which put money in your pocket.

There are numerous other professions or trades that can add income to your bottom line, by just taking whats been tossed away.