Selling Scrap Metal for Money

Selling Scrap Metal for Money

Scrap metal is a valuable resource; the use of scrap metal in the manufacturing industry has significantly reduced the need to mine for new materials. Today, individuals and companies alike are growing more interested in the prospect of salvaging and selling scrap metal for money. Whether you plan to make scrap metal sales your main business or a profitable side project, keeping a few tips in mind can make this process easier and more economical.

Know Your Profit Margins

Different types of scrap metal sell for different values; if you’re concerned about making a profit, focusing on those metals that will give you the most return for your efforts is the smartest choice. Ferrous metals and aluminum typically sell for half a cent to ten cents a pound, while copper sells for two to three dollars a pound. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while ferrous and aluminum metals sell for less, they can be easier to obtain in large quantities than copper and may turn a better profit in terms of time and effort.

Know What You Can Scrap

Most manufactured items contain scrap metal, even if this metal is not obvious from the outside. For example, power cords and other electrical items often contain copper wiring, while children’s toys contain metal parts and screws that can be sold for scrap. Household appliances are frequently sold for scrap, as a single appliance can contain many different types of metal. Older appliances are typically worth more than newer appliances, as the former often incorporate thicker metal parts or additional metal components. Other items frequently sold for scrap include bicycles, shelving, automobiles, and food containers.

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