Tips for Scrap Metal Recycling

Tips for Scrap Metal Recycling

Today, more than half of all metals are recycled rather than added to landfills in the United States. Scrap metal recycling is a cost-effective way to reduce waste and prevent unnecessary mining for new materials. If you are interested in recycling scrap metal, keep reading to discover a few helpful tips to make this process even easier.

Look for Metal Everywhere

When most people think of scrap metal, they envision food and beverage containers or pipes and other items made completely from metal. However, scrap metal can be derived from nearly any item that incorporates metal parts, whether metal makes up the majority of the item or not. Scrap metal recycling services can obtain metal from objects such as bicycles, appliances, toys, and old fixtures or cabinetry hardware.

Make Collection Easy

The key to a successful metal recycling program is to make collection of metal easy. Whether you are trying to implement recycling at home or at work, designating a bin or area for scrap metal collection will encourage you and others to add items out of convenience. Posting signs or reminders that you are collecting scrap metal can also increase your collection rate, allowing you to obtain more metal to sell to your scrap metal recycling service.

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety is important when handling metal items. Metal that is sharp or rusted can pose a safety hazard, so always wear thick gloves and eye protection when handling scrap metal. Additionally, talk to your scrap metal recycling service about scheduling a pickup, which reduces the amount of work you need to do and lets the professionals handle your scrap metal collection.

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