Top Scrap Metal Artist

Top Scrap Metal Artist

Top scrap metal artists and their designs

Many people have always viewed scrap metals as meaningless junk that cannot be used to create anything important. However, there are various artists that are proving the masses wrong by using scrap metals to create impressive pieces of art. Courtesy of the works of art created using the scrap metals, art enthusiasts can now enjoy unique art that has never been witnessed in the world before.

Scrap metal art is slowly making inroads in the art industry and by the look of things; this form of art promises to be a game changer in this industry. Here is a list of the creative artists who are taking the art industry by form through their scrap metal art.

  • Lin Evola Smidt

For Lin Evola, her artistic journey started with a campaign aimed at ending violence in Los Angeles. Lin managed to convince the locals to surrender their guns which would then be melted to create statues of angels. Within a few years, Lin had achieved success by managing to cool the violence and filling Los Angeles with statues of angels. Through the cause of time, Lin decided to create bigger sculptures and in 1997 she created the infamous “The Renaissance Peace Angel” which was moved to ground zero after the September 11 terrorist attack. To date, this is Lin’s most famous piece of artwork.

  • Michelle Reader

Michelle is another highly revered scrap metal artist who began her career with the aim of addressing the amount of waste produced by households. Michelle uses scrap metals that comes from city dumps, thrift shops and road sides. Michelle has created numerous pieces of work and her most famous artwork definitely has to be the “Seven wasted men” portrait which was created from a collection of one month waste from the family.

  • Rodney “Rodrigo” McCoubrey

Rodney McCoubrey unlike other artists plies his trade for fun and not commercial purposes and this can be proven by the fact that his artwork looks like reinterpretations of children drawings. This San Diego resident gathers his raw materials from dumpsters and next to road sides in order to create his breathtaking artwork.

As much as scrap metal might be termed as waste, these artists see a great potential in these materials and thus they are able to create pieces of art that are not only breathtaking but also educative. These achievements are more than enough proof that anything can be achieved if only one has the right source of motivation and the will to get things done.