Trends in Scrap Metal Recycling and How the Environment Is Benefiting

Trends in Scrap Metal Recycling and How the Environment Is Benefiting

Any kind of recycling helps ease the strain on the environment and repurpose used materials for other needs. Keep reading to learn more about trends in scrap metal recycling and what it is doing for the planet.

Iron & Steel

Iron and steel are two of the most popular scrap metals to recycle because they are strong enough to serve a variety of purposes. For every ton of steel that is recycled, it prevents the need to use 1.5 tons of new iron ore, .5 tons of new coal, and tons of water. Recycling these materials keeps them out of landfills and helps new clients take advantage of the strength and durability of the materials.


Aluminum is another popular scrap metal to recycle. This kind of metal can be recycled over and over to use in a variety of other objects. Anything from soda cans to window frames can use aluminum in a new way.


People have been recycling copper and copper alloys for thousands of years. Copper is an important material used to create electronics, piping, tubing, and roofing sheets. The more that people recycle copper, the less strain they put on the environment to create new materials for these purposes.


Lead is a popular metal to recycle because it is strong and has a good design for reuse. Repurposed lead can help the building industry, it can be used to lower carbon emissions, and it lowers energy consumption.


Zinc is a popular scrap metal to recycle because it can be reused at every stage of its life. From production to end-of-life, zinc metal helps a wide variety of people find a new use for the metal.

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