What Types of Metal Can You Sell?

What Types of Metal Can You Sell?

Tucson Iron & Metal is one of the leading full-service metal-recycling companies in the city and we offer buying and selling services to help you with all of your scrap metal needs. Keep reading to learn more about the kinds of metal that you can sell:


Aluminum is a kind of metal that can be recycled for many different uses. Reusing it helps you do your part for the environment, the economy, and the community. Using recycled aluminum takes far less time, energy, money, and natural resources to create new products than it does to make them from new aluminum. Whether you have aluminum cans or a bike frame, you should try to sell it to earn some cash instead of throwing it away and letting it rot in a landfill.


Copper is another valuable resource that can be repurposed to create something new. Copper and copper alloys have already been recycled for thousands of years. Copper is used to make a wide range of products and can be found in anything from electronics to plumbing. If you have some copper scrap metal, you should bring it in for sale.

Iron and Steel

These two metals are extremely strong and durable, which makes them perfect for recycling so they can be used to create something else. The United States exports scrap metal, which helps boost the national economy. Using recycled materials to create new products saves energy and money to help reduce our carbon footprint and it allows us to use fewer natural resources.

If you have scrap metal that you are looking to sell, come to Tucson Iron & Metal for some of the best prices in the city. We buy and sell scrap metal across the southwestern United States and deal with consumers in both domestic and international markets. To learn more about our services and the kinds of metal we buy, visit us online or call (520) 884-1554.