What You Can Expect When Working with Tucson Iron & Metal

What You Can Expect When Working with Tucson Iron & Metal

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, Tucson Iron & Metal is the scrap metal recycler you can trust. Since starting with three employees, one truck, and a forklift over 25 years ago, Tucson Iron & Metal has become one of the largest metal recycling facilities in the city. People from all over the state turn to Tucson Iron & Metal in order to buy or sell scrap metal, and you can too. If you do, here are some of things you can expect in return.

Punctual Deliveries and Pickups

Buying scrap metal? Selling scrap metal? Either way, Tucson Iron & Metal comes to you! We have a full fleet of roll-off trucks, flatbeds, and trailers to pick up or deliver scrap metal anywhere in the Arizona. We have the ability to transport our equipment anywhere in the state, which allows us to process metals at your location. Could it be any easier to turn scrap metal into cash?

Top-Dollar for Scrap Metal

Speaking of cash, Tucson Iron & Metal offers competitive pricing that’s hard to beat anywhere in the state. Over the years we’ve invested in cutting-edge metal recycling equipment, which allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and offer top-dollar prices for scrap metal. And if you’re in the market for scrap metal, our innovative recycling processes also allow us to offer some of the lowest prices in Tucson.

Honest and Professional Service

You may find a slightly better price somewhere else, but we guarantee you won’t find a staff that works harder or is friendlier than the men and women here at Tucson Iron & Metal. Our office staff also has a combined total of 75 years of experience in the scrap metal business, which means you can trust us to give you the most honest and upfront quote for your scrap metal.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Tucson Iron & Metal is your top resource for scrap metal in the Tucson area. To learn more about our competitive prices, pickup and delivery options, and demolition services, visit our website or call us at (520) 884-1554.