Where Can Scrap Metal Be Found Around Your Home?

Where Can Scrap Metal Be Found Around Your Home?

Scrap metal recycling in Tucson comes with a multitude of benefits, but what if you do not have any metal to recycle? If you know where to look, you might be able to find some in your home. Here is an overview of where scrap metal can be found around your home.


If you are looking for scrap metal in or around your home, the garage may be an excellent place to start your search. Start with your car: If you have an old car that no longer drives, or you recognize that your car is on its way out, you can typically still sell it for parts. Old bicycles that do not get any use may also be gems if you are looking for scrap metal. Other typical fixtures of a garage like tools and musical instruments may also contain valuable metals.

Living Rooms

Once you have rounded up all of the scrap metal you could find from your garage, move on to the popular rooms within your home, like your living room. An average household keeps a few appliances and electronics in the living room, and some may have the metals you are looking for. Consider your television and lighting fixtures as well as HVAC appliances like air conditioners and window sidings.


While your kitchen has plenty of metal to offer in your microwave, refrigerator, and appliances, the jackpot may lie in your pots and pans. You can also find scrap metal in cooking sheets, silverware, and of course, aluminum cans.

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