A Look at Copper’s Scrap Value

A Look at Copper’s Scrap Value

All types of scrap metal can be recycled for reuse in new items. In particular, copper has been recycled since ancient times, with famous examples of copper recycling including the complete reuse of all the copper that once made up the Colossus of Rhodes. Today, copper maintains a high value as one of the most useful and recyclable scrap metals in the industry.

Copper in Electronics

Copper has a high electrical conductivity, making it an essential component of modern electronics and electrical systems. When used in delicate electronics, copper must be extremely pure to ensure proper conductivity. Copper is also used in wiring and power cables; although the copper used in these items is held to less stringent purity requirements, the presence of too many impurities can still affect performance in these areas as well. Thus, copper recycled from previous electronics, wiring, and power cables has the highest value in terms of reuse as electronic components.

Copper in Plumbing

Copper pipes are also widely used for residential and commercial plumbing purposes. The copper used for such applications can contain a much higher level of impurities than the copper required for electronic applications, although some limits do still apply. Thus, scrap copper sold for recycling and reuse in plumbing will garner a lower price than the purest forms of copper sold for use in electronics.

Brass Recycling

Brass is an alloy made from the combination of copper and zinc. However, brass fetches a consistently lower price on the market than pure copper, despite the fact that it has many widespread uses. Small amounts of brass may be found in other types of scrap metal, such as lead, as it improves the machinability of elements that might otherwise be difficult to work with during manufacturing.

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