What Metals Are Recyclable?

What Metals Are Recyclable?

When a substance is recyclable, it can be converted from waste into a new material and reused, rather than disposed of in a dump or landfill. Metals are typically quite easy to recycle, making scrap metal recycling a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that eliminates waste and reuses valuable natural resources.


Aluminum is one of the most recyclable—and widely-recycled—metals in the United States. Not only is aluminum frequently used in beverage containers, but the widespread placement of recycling receptacles and the ease with which aluminum can be recycled has led to an aluminum recycling rate of more than 57%. However, aluminum cans are not the only form of aluminum that is easily recyclable—aluminum foil and packaging materials can also be recycled. According to The Aluminum Association, nearly 75% of the aluminum produced in the U.S. since its introduction into packaging products in the early 1900s is still currently in use, thanks to such widespread aluminum recycling.


Steel is another common and easily-recycled metal. In fact, many steel production mills are able to produce new steel using only scrap metal, leading to new steel products with a recycled component ranging from 25-100%. Although much of the United States’ recycled steel comes from cans and other packaging, larger appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers can be broken into their steel components for recycling as well.


While many metals have only recently become economically recyclable, copper has been recycled and reused for thousands of years. Today, copper and copper alloy are a common component of plumbing pipes and fixtures, as well as many modern electronics. These metals continue to be highly valued for their ease of recyclability and reuse as new products.

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