A Tour of the Scrap Metal Masterpieces of John Lopez

A Tour of the Scrap Metal Masterpieces of John Lopez

Before you throw out old appliances, think about the different ways that the scrap metal in Tucson could be used. Artists like John Lopez use scrap metal to create beautiful and elaborate art pieces with a positive environmental message. Continue on for a tour of the scrap metal masterpieces of John Lopez.

What He Uses

As a bronze sculptor by profession, John Lopez is no stranger to working with metals. While working with bronze can be interesting and fulfilling, however, he chose much more relevant and creative materials for his masterpieces. Lopez uses old and broken pieces of farm equipment combined with different types of scrap metal to create his beautiful and awe inspiring sculptures. His choice of materials is particularly clever and impactful because of the nature of the pieces that he creates.

What He Makes

John Lopez is a native of South Dakota, and his sculptures are heavily inspired and indicative of the Midwest. He seamlessly meshes various kinds of farming equipment with scrap metal to create unforgettable, lifelike structures of Midwest icons. From bulls to horses to cowboys themselves, the materials he uses are just as important as the image he aims to portray; this is by no means coincidence, and the resulting texture is his favorite aspect of his art.

How It Helps

Creating life sized sculptures of iconic animals and images can bring happiness to any viewer, but the importance of his art extends even further. John Lopez creates his masterpieces using scrap metal from preexisting products, showing just how beautiful recycling can be.

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Featured image photo borrowed from www.johnlopezstudio.com