Interesting Facts about Copper

Interesting Facts about Copper

Copper is a soft, malleable metal with both high electrical and thermal conductivity. Anthropological findings suggest that copper was the first metal ever manipulated by humans. Because of its value, versatility, and recyclability, copper remains a highly-valued metal in modern-day manufacturing, scrap metal, and metal recycling industries.

Ancient Use of Copper

The oldest metal object ever discovered in the Middle East, dating back to 5100 B.C., contains copper as a major component. Because of its malleability and recyclability, copper has been used to make weapons, household items, statues, and other artifacts throughout the ages. However, because this metal is so recyclable, many artifacts were destroyed for their copper and no longer remain. One of the most famous examples of ancient copper recycling is the Colossus of Rhodes, a 110-foot copper statue completed in 280 B.C. By 654 A.D., the statue had been completely broken down and recycled for its metal.

Copper in Technology

Due of its electrical and thermal properties, copper is an integral component in many electronic devices. Most mobile phones contain 12% copper by weight, which is more than all the other metal components in the phone combined. The use of copper in electronics reduces the power requirements of these devices, which lowers power consumption and prolongs battery life. This ability, coupled with copper’s recyclability, makes copper one of the most eco-friendly metals on Earth.

Copper Aesthetics

Although copper is naturally an orange or red color, over time, the metal turns green due to reactions with air and water. This reaction is called oxidation and occurs as the metal loses electrons, forming a material called copper oxide. The Statue of Liberty is estimated to have a layer of copper oxide 0.005 inches thick, which formed within 34 years of the statue’s completion.

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