The Many Benefits of Recycling Metal

The Many Benefits of Recycling Metal

Recycling is the practice of reusing old materials in the creation of new ones, rather than simply discarding old items when they are no longer useful. The metal recycling industry provides numerous benefits on both a local and global scale, offering endless ways to conserve resources and energy. Tucson Iron and Metal is pleased to offer scrap metal recycling services throughout Tucson to make enjoying the many benefits of recycling metal even easier and more cost-effective for you.

Reduction in Landfill Materials

One of the simplest and most obvious benefits of recycling metal is the reduction in the amount of material deposited into landfills. Landfills are limited in terms of capacity, making the reuse of materials a top priority. When metal is recycled for new uses, rather than thrown away after a single use, precious landfill space can be conserved for those materials that cannot be recycled or reused.

Reduction in New Metal Mining

The mining industry significantly impacts the natural environment, from the production of pollutants during mining and refining to the removal of natural metals and other materials from the Earth. Runoff from mining operations can affect local land and water sources, while mine expansion often reduces the habitat of local wildlife. When metal is recycled, it reduces the need to mine new materials, conserving the finite amount of metals contained within the Earth and reducing the impact associated with removing them.

Economic Growth

Recycling metal takes manpower. Studies indicate that recycling metal creates up to 36 times more job opportunities than incinerating it and six times more than throwing it away. Thus, the act of recycling metal helps to create and maintain jobs in the metal recycling industry, offering economic benefits for individuals across the United States.

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