Requirements of a Scrap Metal Business

Requirements of a Scrap Metal Business

Scrap metal businesses play an important role in scrap metal recycling. Such businesses primarily collect or purchase scrap metal, then sell the materials to a recycling plant. Because scrap metal is a valuable resource for the manufacturing industry, purchasing and recycling metals can be a profitable endeavor.

Scrap Metal
The first requirement in any scrap metal business is scrap metal itself; thus, knowing where to find and purchase scrap metal is the key to success. Scrap metal can be found in most household items and manufactured products, including appliances, toys, and electronics. To obtain scrap metal, businesses may develop contracts with housing units, manufacturing facilities, junkyards, or even residential homes. Advertising and networking are often necessary to increase scrap metal intake for greater profits.


Transporting scrap metal to a storage, sorting, or recycling facility is also a necessity for scrap metal businesses. Because scrap metal is often heavy and found in large items or appliances, a vehicle capable of handling large and heavy loads is needed. Any vehicle used for hauling scrap metal should be kept in good condition and outfitted to transport large items safely over long distances.

License and Permit

Some areas require scrap metal businesses to obtain a license or permit to handle, purchase, and sell scrap metal. The area where scrap metal is housed or sorted may also require the issuance of certain permits to ensure the area is appropriate for such activities. Scrap metal businesses may need to update these licenses and permits periodically to ensure continued compliance with local regulations.

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